Stop Cultural Prejudices
Each country is beautiful and unique in its own way. Our mission is to test stereotypes for strength!
What is this blog about?
We all have stereotypes about foreign countries, their cultures or whatever. In this blog, we will talk about the stereotypes that foreigners have about France, Russia and French Guiana. After presenting his different stereotypes, we will explain them and see if they are right or not. For this, the blog will be in several parts. There will be a part on France, a part on Russia and a part on French Guiana. In each part, we will make you want to discover the country, to visit it by giving you several reasons on why you should visit it. We will end with a small general point on stereotypes in the world.
Meet Our Team
Our team will give you a new look at the culture of different countries
  • Lisa
    Hello, I'm Lisa, I'm 19 years old. I like to travel a lot, even the world through other cultures and discover new places.
  • Irina
    Hi! My name is Irina, I'm from Moscow. I love travelling, foreign languages. I believe in the great friendship of peoples and the interconnection of cultures. I love my country Russia. I think it is wonderful. There are many beautiful cities, incredible nature, many hospitable people.
  • Adryanha
    Hello ! I’m Adryanha, I'm 20 years old. I currently live in French Guiana. I really like watching travel vlogs on Youtube, it allows me to discover cultures, culinary dishes, landscapes with the person who shares it on their social network.
Our countries
Russia is wonderful. There are many beautiful cities, incredible nature, many hospitable people. Perhaps for many in the world this country is like another strange and incomprehensible world. There are many stereotypes about this country. Let's get to know the real Russia!
French Guiana
French Guiana is for discovering an incredible French region. Located between Brazil and Suriname, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, French Guiana is a paradise for nature lovers in search of adventure and authenticity. A little-known territory marked by a few prejudices, it is nevertheless full of attractions and you will be able to live extraordinary experiences there.
The French are known for their love of culture, from the world-renowned art collections of the Louvre to the cutting-edge contemporary art scene in Paris. The French cinema is celebrated around the world, and French literature has produced some of the greatest writers of all time. But what else do we know about France?
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